Countdown to 2020 … Thank you for all you do for youth like our son.

At the end of the year non-profits typically send out an appeal to their networks. It usually contains a letter of thanks, a description of impact, and a financial ask to help further the work into the new year. You may recall getting a letter from us earlier this Holiday Season. In the letter we told you about Zac – how he was a resourceful young man who lived in his car for two years while working full time at a manufacturing job. We detailed how we helped him find stabling housing, a place to call home, and a warm bed to sleep in for the first time in two years. We also reminded you that Zac was not alone and that we need your help to continue to provide pathways to end youth homelessness. 
Many of you responded to our appeal with generous gifts and donations. Some gifts were made online and some came through the mail. Many of the gifts included a note of thanks or a touching explanation of support. Many included a personal story like this one – “Our adopted son accessed the Drop-In Center in the past. We were so thankful he had a place to eat a warm meal, he was able to find warm clothing, and he had help finding a job. He has taken a few steps backward, but we are hopeful for his future. Thank you for all you do for youth like our son.”
Thank you for sharing your stories and providing HOPE for youth who are experiencing homelessness. HOPE 4 Youth works to build a community where all youth feel safe, valued, and supported while reaching their full potential. We can’t do this work alone but together we can provide pathways to end youth homelessness.
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