Eagle Brook Church eliminates barriers to stable housing with $80K donation

HOPE 4 Youth will soon have a powerful new way to support young people at risk for homelessness thanks to a fund created with $80,000 from Eagle Brook Church

“We believe the church should be known for its generosity,” said Tyler Gregory, Executive Pastor. “We want to carry hope, truth and light to a world that desperately needs it.” 

“This is a blessing that will lift many young people out of homelessness,” said HOPE 4 Youth Director of Advancement Julie Orlando. “It will create a long-term solution for our charity and the young people we serve.”

The donation follows a special giving challenge conducted in February across Eagle Brook’s 10 Minnesota campuses. Organizations like HOPE 4 Youth were asked to submit details about a project that could have a substantial impact on their mission. HOPE 4 Youth proposed a special housing fund. 

“We believe in the mission of HOPE 4 Youth to help end youth homelessness,” said Claire Montenegro, Pastor of Campus Operations-Anoka. “The work is transforming lives of young people in our community, and we’re thankful for it.”

The charity’s new housing stability fund will provide assistance to young men and women who’ve partnered with HOPE 4 Youth to develop a personal housing plan. The money will be used for things like a damage deposit, first month’s rent and other move-in costs. Additionally, it will be available when things like a job loss or a medical issue jeopardize a young person’s ability to continue in stable housing. 

“The youth we serve often have very limited resources, and unexpected expenses can have big consequences,” said Orlando. “This fund will help ensure there’s support during economic and health emergencies that could otherwise endanger a young person’s housing.”

Eagle Brook has a long history of supporting HOPE 4 Youth. The $80,000 from the giving challenge brings the church’s lifetime donation total to nearly $254,000. Over the years, nearly 200 Eagle Brook attenders have also made personal donations or volunteered time, and sometimes both. 

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