10 Stories of HOPE: Jayden’s Story

April 10th, 2023

Jayden was referred to HOPE 4 Youth by his girlfriend who entered our program last year. Jayden shared with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager that he was seeking help because he has twins on the way and wants to be able to provide for his family. He and his girlfriend don’t currently live together, but his goal was to create a more stable living situation for both of them and the babies on the way. During this time, Jayden was commuting from the cities to Anoka to see his girlfriend and bring her to necessary appointments. A HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager was able to provide Jayden with housing resources and helped him create a budget plan.

Three months later, Jayden reached out to HOPE 4 Youth to share that his babies had arrived and are healthy. He has been working consistently and keeping on track with his budget. Jayden expressed he was extremely appreciative to have someone to talk to and teach him about finances. He is now in the process of finding an apartment close to his family so they can assist with the twins.

Jayden also shared that his girlfriend will be going back to work soon, and they will be collectively saving for an apartment. He began to work with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager to set goals and search for apartments. Jayden was also able to apply for the Housing Stability Fund support program.

Jayden is preparing for the future and is planning to move into an apartment within the next couple of months. He frequently checks in with his Case Manager and he shared,

“I am extremely thankful for the life skills, support, and basic needs HOPE 4 Youth has provided me with.”

He is confident with the support of HOPE 4 Youth he is ready to take on whatever the future may hold. Jayden is experiencing HOPE!

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