12 Days of HOPE 4 Youth: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, HOPE 4 Youth helped Kayla find a renewed path forward through HOPE TreeHouse. HOPE TreeHouse is an optional, after Drop-In Center hours, program that meets the social, emotional and spiritual needs of homeless youth, through time with group activities, with a Christian-based core. Kayla sums up the impact the program has made in her life by saying, “When I think about HOPE what Treehouse means to me, the biggest thing is the support I receive from the mentors and my peers. HOPE Treehouse is a safe space for me to open up about the struggles that are going on in my day-to-day life. Since coming to HOPE Treehouse, I have grown in my faith a great amount. When I first started going to HOPE Treehouse, I felt alone and lost. I was struggling with addiction and coping with my mental health. The mentors there are some of my biggest supports in my life. They are very helpful when it comes to needing someone to get advice from and they help me work through relapses and bad days. Without HOPE 4 Youth and HOPE Treehouse, I would probably still be stuck in a dark place, but it has become has become the light guiding me down the right path.”

Please consider making a gift this holiday season in honor of Kayla, so that we can continue to provide programs like HOPE TreeHouse to change the lives of even more homeless young people. You can make a gift online at www.HOPE4YouthMN.org/Donate or via mail to HOPE 4 Youth, 2191 Northdale Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433. Any amount and all gifts are appreciated.

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