Jim & Linda Hunt

Faces of HOPE: Jim & Linda Hunt

HOPE 4 Youth donors Jim and Linda Hunt recently visited our Drop-In Center for a tour and to learn more about our programs.  The following day we received this sweet note from Linda:

“Our journey to HOPE 4 Youth started one Sunday years ago when our church had a flyer in their bulletin for HOPE 4 Youth. They were doing a drive of collecting items for your shelves. I kept the flyer and bought some items to donate with the church. I continued to carry that flyer in my purse as it struck something in my heart.

Then we were reconnected with our oldest grandchild who had been in and out of our lives for over 30 years due to a multitude of reasons. We had not seen him for over 20 years. We had lunch with him and caught up on his life. He told us about being homeless as a teenager and adult. It broke my heart to think that my grandson was homeless on the streets of my hometown and all the times I may have driven past him under a bridge.

I went home after that lunch and pulled out the HOPE 4 Youth brochure. I did more research online about HOPE 4 Youth but I got busy with work. We did make money contributions over the holidays as we did with other organizations.

Then COVID hit and we weren’t attending church anymore so we decided to make our monthly tithes to two organizations (HOPE 4 Youth and one other) and a missionary.

See God put HOPE 4 Youth on my heart years ago for a reason. Each month when I make our donation I think of each of our 20 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren and realize how lucky we are. They are ALL safe now.

Thank you and everyone there for doing what you do. You do change lives!”

We are incredibly grateful for our donors like Jim and Linda who are committed to monthly giving and providing our youth with a pathway out of instability to safety, happiness and productivity!

This story is part of a series profiling people who’ve come together to support HOPE 4 Youth’s mission to offer young people pathways out of homelessness. Read more profiles.  If you’re interested in a tour of our Drop-In Center, we offer monthly opportunities.  Sign up for an upcoming tour
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