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Help replenish a vital resource at HOPE 4 Youth

For the youth we serve, instability is the enemy. Instability upends a young woman’s strategy to flee a violent life. Instability stalls a youth’s plan to start over in a new city. Instability steals a young mother’s dream of creating a safe home for her daughter.

The HOPE 4 Youth Housing Stability Fund ends instability and saves dreams. We need your help replenishing this vital resource if we are to effectively continue our mission to provide pathways out of homelessness and into stable situations where young lives can thrive.

The HOPE 4 Youth Housing Stability Fund arrived in 2021, thanks to initial funding of $80,000, and has since helped over 100 young people with a grant for a damage deposit, rent, utility assistance or an emergency hotel stay. There’s also case management support with every grant — giving youth someone to walk alongside them and help with questions during their housing search.

The fund has been a lifeline for young people who were at risk of losing their housing and others who already had — including Sabrina, Justin, Kylie and Brianna.

Sabrina’s escape from violence

Late last year, Sabrina became homeless after fleeing domestic violence. She thought she had the money needed for a fresh start — but it wasn’t enough. Because of her lack of credit history, Sabrina was asked to put down a large deposit that was double the average amount.

Sabrina hoped we could connect her to help. Thanks to our fund, we created the solution: a grant for her damage deposit and a month of rent to free up her money for other move-in expenses — a part of housing start-up costs that youth often overlook.

Sabrina was in disbelief but incredibly grateful. She’s found safe housing, a job and is building a new life.

Brianna’s last couch-hop

BriannaBrianna and her 18-month-old daughter Gianna had been couch-hopping while Brianna searched for an apartment. Her unstable life made it impossible for Brianna to find and keep work and provide food for her young daughter.

Then, Brianna came to HOPE 4 Youth. We offered immediate basic-needs support — including food and baby supplies — and assistance for finding a home. A HOPE 4 Youth case worker helped Brianna learn the requirements and complete the paperwork for Metro HRA, a rental assistance program. With our support, Brianna found an apartment, applied for the program and got approved.

Brianna says she’s “ecstatic to finally have her own place for her little family to thrive.”

Justin and Kylie’s move from the car

Justin and Kylie

Justin and Kylie struggled with homelessness individually for years before starting a relationship and going through it as a couple. But they were determined to find a place to call home.

While living out of their car, they both found work and eventually located an apartment. Unfortunately, despite what they’d saved, there wasn’t enough for upfront rent and a damage deposit.

A social worker suggested Justin and Kylie connect with HOPE 4 Youth. We were pleased to work with them on a longer-term plan for stable housing and to offer help with the damage deposit.

Today, Justin and Kylie are in a safe place and building a new life.

These stories highlight how you can make a difference through the HOPE 4 Youth Housing Stability Fund. You can be the difference between chaos and consistency. The future of this vital, successful resource rest in the hands of generous donors like you.

Will you consider a one-time or sustaining gift to this fund that ensures youth in crisis will feel the love of a caring community in their time of greatest need? Donate today.

There are many ways to support our Housing Stability Fund, including through donations from the financial investments that ensure stability in your own life. Donor-advised funds, IRA distributions, and gifts of stock or other securities make powerful, lasting impacts on our fund.  Learn more.
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