hope’s closet: Meet Johona

When you shop hope’s closet, it never looks the same as it did during your last visit. The one thing that does remain the same is the trendy and chic feel of the boutique. This is because of a fabulous volunteer, Johona, who just happens to be an interior designer by day and hope’s closet designer (and shopper) by night.
Johanna was asked to help design hope’s closet by her friend, Shannah, who along with mom, Debby, and sister, Lisa, were instrumental in opening the resale boutique. She was energized by their enthusiasm and the idea of helping youth experiencing homelessness in her community.
Working with the hope’s closet team, Johona developed a store design, emphasizing a brand aesthetic – look, feel and memorability – and organized layout to create a boutique feel.
“It was important to establish a look and feel to set hope’s closet apart from most second hand stores,” said Johona. “We needed to be very creative to make the most of the resources we had, re-purposing items used for display fixtures and incorporating new items as funds allowed and donations were received.”
Another important aspect of the design of hope’s closet was to highlight the young people helped by the sales. Pictures of youth are incorporated as permanent artwork and a back drop to items on display which not only brings color and life to the boutique, but also a human aspect to helping others while shopping.
“I love the overall eclectic style of hope’s closet which blends the old and new, giving a fresh look and new life to ordinary things or things once discarded,” She added. “I have also loved getting to know the HOPE 4 Youth staff and working alongside other volunteers for a great cause. There is true reward in giving back to help others.”
We think the design of hope’s closet is second to none, but don’t just take our word for it … shop hope’s closet for yourself (and why not bring a friend with you?).
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