HOPE 4 Youth helps young people find housing which includes emergency shelter, long-term living arrangements, and other housing opportunities. Our goal is to end youth homelessness by finding safe, stable housing for each young person who comes to us. To do that, in addition to our housing programs, we partner with other local service providers to offer additional resources.

Housing Navigation Program

Our HOPE 4 Youth Housing Navigation Program casts a wide net for possible solutions to each young person’s housing issues. Case managers at our HOPE 4 Youth Drop-In Center begin the process by meeting with a young person and learning about his or her unique needs. In some cases, access to affordable rental housing or other community resources is the answer. For others, our HOPE Place or HOPE Homes programs are a good fit.

Need shelter?

We are part of the Youth Services Network, a resource for helping young people find shelter and other services.

HOPE Place

HOPE Place is a 12-unit transitional housing facility in Coon Rapids that offers supportive services to young people who are experiencing homelessness. (Take a virtual tour.) HOPE Place staff and community partners provide on-site case management, including education and employment guidance, aimed at promoting self-sufficiency and long-term success. 

Eligibility: 18- to 24-year-olds who are at risk for homelessness in the north metro and who are willing to complete a goals plan are eligible to apply to live at HOPE Place. To learn more, contact call 763.323.2066, ext. 203.

Read a HOPE Place success story.

HOPE Place outcomes:

Improved safety and well-being

Stable community connections

Increased self-sufficiency for reaching personal goals

HOPE Homes 

Our HOPE Homes program formalizes situations where a family friend, relative, or neighbor allows a young person to stay at their place to avoid being homeless. 

Listening to the concerns of both youth and adults, we help create agreements about shared expectations so that everyone is on the same page. We connect participants to community resources and, in some cases, offer financial support to offset the costs created by a guest living in a home. 

If you’re the guest of a caring adult and you’d like to keep staying there, or if you’ve opened your home to a young person at risk for homelessness, let HOPE 4 Youth turn the couch-hopping arrangement into a HOPE Home.

Eligibility: People under 25 who are at risk for homelessness in the northwest metro and the adults they are staying with (who are at least 10 years older) are eligible to apply for the HOPE Homes program. To learn more, contact our HOPE Homes Specialist, Chong Vang, at cvang@hope4youthmn.org or 763.323.2066, ext. 117.

HOPE Homes benefits:

A listening ear

Problem-solving help

Youth advocacy

Financial support


HOPE 4 Youth partners with CloseKnit on the HOPE Homes program.


HOPE 4 Youth supports only those arrangements where it can be shown that a young person will be physically, emotionally and sexually safe.