Joe’s Story

“Success” has a different meaning for each young person who accesses HOPE 4 Youth. Success could be having a full belly after eating the hot meal or it could be ending a bout of homelessness. A resident at HOPE Place recently experienced his own successes while finding his pathway out of homelessness, and we are excited to share his story.

Joe moved into HOPE Place nearly one year ago, arriving with just the clothes on his back. Almost immediately, he secured an internship at an automotive repair company with help from our partner CareerForce. Joe was eager to learn about the trade and put forth his best effort every day. His internship was set to end next month, instead of ending his employment, he was offered a permanent position at the shop! Within one year, Joe has a place to call home, a career pathway, and he recently purchased a car. Joe has and will continue to persevere until he reaches all his goals – and we’re here to guide him when he needs it!

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