Linda Bryant

Executive Director

ext. 107

Julie Fliflet

Director of Finance and Administration

ext. 115

Mark McNamer

Director of Programs

ext. 103

Kristin VanHeel

Marketing and Communications Director

ext. 111

Jane Schipper

Finance Manager

ext. 109

Sara Kemp

Program Manager

ext. 106

Nikki Kalvin

Community Outreach & Events Specialist

ext. 114

Brooke Limanen

Program and Donor Associate

ext. 112

Eddie R.

Youth Coordinator

ext. 108

Mica W.

HOPE Place Youth Coordinator

ext. 203

Jayne DeJong

Prevention Specialist

ext. 118

Brenda Pritchard

HOPE Homes Specialist

ext. 117

Sheila Amundson

hope’s closet on-call sales associate

Linda Burt

HOPE Place Admin. Support

ext. 200

Yolanda McGilberry

HOPE Place Admin. Support

ext. 200

Rob Zimmer

HOPE Place Admin. Support

ext. 200

John Marciniak

Facilities Specialist

Board of Directors

Chris Warner


Agile Transformation Coach Consultant, Wells Fargo

Stephen Spears

Vice Chair

Chief Fee Based Officer, Klein Bank

Sue Woodard

Past Chair

Chief Customer Officer, Total Expert

Marina Bressler


Senior Business Project Manager – Client Reporting & Online Workstream, Next Paradigm Program, Wells Fargo

Sarah Nohner


Principal Financial Analyst, RTG Quality Finance, Medtronic

Sean Haag

Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing, Restorative Therapies Group, Medtronic

Leanne Matchen

Associate General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group

Stephen Nash

Special Assistant Anoka County Attorney, Anoka County Attorney’s Office

Mark Nolen

Senior Accountant, Graves Hospitality

Jennifer Stone

Vice President Human Resources, Medtronic

James Stuart

Sheriff, Anoka County

Anna VonRueden

Program Director, FamilyWise Services

Board Members Emeritus

Bridget Barr

Paul Ekstrom

Karrie Schaaf

Brian Swanson