10 Stories of HOPE: Skylar’s Story

February 28, 2023

Skylar came to HOPE 4 Youth after finding out she was pregnant. She recently moved to the metro area to get support from her family. While they were somewhat supportive, they could not provide her with shelter because their living space was too crowded. Skylar was struggling to find a job and housing that was long-term and stable. During the first few weeks in the area, she was couch hopping and in and out of shelters. Skylar began meeting with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager 2-4 times a week. In these meetings, she established goals and was working towards stable housing while navigating pregnancy. The resources our HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager provided allowed her to attend regular prenatal visits, parenting classes, and other food and health support. She also got connected with a job coach who helped her find a job that is both stable and enjoyable.

Next, Skylar began the process of finding an apartment with the assistance of a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager. This was a significant task that involved calling and applying for countless apartments. Many were in her budget but didn’t have any openings. Eventually, she came across an apartment that was both open and within her budget. This entire process took nearly 8 weeks leaving Skylar couch-hopping and staying in shelters. HOPE 4 Youth supported Skylar’s deposit and first month’s rent and she has been living there since. She told us,

 “I would have been in shelters my entire pregnancy and longer without the support of HOPE 4 Youth. I feel ready to have my child and I feel like I have people to lean on here that care about us.”

She also mentioned that even though her rent is at the high end of what she can afford, she is thankful to have one at all as she has many friends who are still in shelters/outside/couch hopping that are struggling to find a place they can afford or qualify for.

Skylar worked extremely hard to ensure she has a safe and healthy environment for her incoming little one. She continues to receive support through check-in meetings with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager, regularly sees a therapist, attends her prenatal visits and parenting classes, and still is working full-time.

Skylar is a great example of what our youth can accomplish with the right tools regardless of their circumstances. Skylar is excited to see what her future holds with her job and her baby that is on the way!

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