10 Stories of HOPE: Nora’s Story

March 7th, 2023

Nora has been working with HOPE 4 Youth since 2021. She initially reached out to HOPE 4 Youth for support following a break-in where all her items and important documents were stolen. Nora was immediately connected with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager who provided her with resources. These resources helped her to replace important documents for her and her daughter. Aside from this challenge, Nora has experienced domestic violence, mental health concerns, sexual violence, persistent homelessness, and the loss of friends throughout both her childhood and adulthood.

After her first meeting with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager, Nora was referred to multiple domestic violence shelters for her and her daughter to stay in. While she was staying in this shelter her daughter was placed in the custody of a family member. Nora was able to receive Legal Aid resources through HOPE 4 Youth. While working with a CPS lawyer Nora decided to check herself into a treatment center for chemical dependency. Upon full completion of the program, Nora was able to regain custody of her daughter.

Now Nora is working with us to find a stable and sustainable apartment for her and her child. She is working full-time and staying in a safe environment while awaiting her apartment approval. Additionally, she is meeting regularly with a HOPE 4 Youth Case Manager. Nora shared with us,

“I keep myself on track. I know I can come to you HOPE 4 Youth whether it’s been a week or 9 months. I can trust that I have safe people to talk to whenever I come in, even with different staff. I love you guys and am happy that I have another year and a half until I turn 25. Now that I am stable and sober, I can truly appreciate everything I have and everything you guys have given me.”

Nora is experiencing HOPE. She is determined to create a stable living situation for her child and knows that if she ever needs help she can come to the Drop-In Center. Nora has taken control of her life again and she is encouraged by what she has accomplished in the last few years.

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