Countdown to 2020 … Amy was a single mom experiencing homelessness.

“It was hard,” Amy answered when asked what life was like growing up. “I was raised in the foster care system.” At 20, Amy was a single mom experiencing homelessness. She learned about HOPE 4 Youth from her county caseworker. For the past year, Amy has been working with HOPE 4 Youth staff to finish school, find a stable job, and go through treatment. “I can achieve a lot despite my past,” Amy said proudly. “I have a dream of working with children with special needs, and I know I can do it. In five years,” Amy beamed, “I will be working in my dream job, have a house, and be the best parent I can for my son.”

HOPE 4 Youth works to provide encouragement and support to each young person who walks through our doors. Some youth are ready for employment, some are not. Some youth  are ready for treatment, some are not. All are in need of care and encouragement. Our job is to build trust, to provide resources, and to be a constant support for youth as they walk toward self-sufficiency.

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