Countdown to 2020 … My friend told me about HOPE 4 Youth.

Did you know 13% of youth who are experiencing homelessness suffer from a substance abuse disorder?

I’ve struggled with a drug addiction for a long time. It was difficult to get clean when drugs were so easy to find on the streets where I was sleeping at night. Eventually, I realized that drugs weren’t going to keep me warm and I needed help finding a way off the streets. My friend told me about HOPE 4 Youth. I hesitantly went, hoping they could help me. The first thing HOPE 4 Youth helped me with was getting a bed in shelter. This at least got me off the streets, but it wasn’t going to help me get and stay clean. My youth advocate worked with me to find outpatient treatment. I went so I could get clean. And I did. After getting clean, I got accepted into sober housing. Now I’m clean and housed! Thank you HOPE 4 Youth for showing me I can move forward! -Joe

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