Homeless to Housed

Coming to HOPE 4 Youth, I’m very excited to work on building a housing program so that youth coming to the Drop-In Center can easily transition from homeless into housing. Seeing that happen is my greatest passion, but finding housing options in the community takes time. I am up for the challenge and all it takes is gaining one crack and the door will open for our youth.

The first step in finding housing for the youth begins with the case managers. The case managers are on the front lines working with the youth that visit the Drop-In Center. They are able to have meaningful conversations that helps them understand what housing resources each young person experiencing homelessness needs. HOPE 4 Youth also provides the youth ongoing case management services to inform them about renter’s rights, budgeting and offer support services that are helpful to both the youth and their future landlord/owner.

While the case managers are working with the youth, I am working with the community to find housing options. Landlords and property managers are often fearful of renting to youth due to their age and the fact that they have little or no credit or rental history. By building relationships with the landlords, property managers and other key member, we are ensuring that the youth have housing while they strive to meet other goals and make changes in their lives. And, that they are tenants that any landlord/property manager would want.

The youth want to be accepted, have stability and a place to call home. We are working to fulfill these goals.

-Sara Kemp, Director of Programs & Properties

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