“Thanks Stranger”

I could’ve given this to many, but you stuck out to me.
I do not own a single penny. This pen and paper was even free.

I gave this to you, because I knew you were kind.
I’ve waited for you, but I’ve taken my sweet time.

The time has come and I’m finally sure.
That you’re the only one who gets to read these words.

Thanks for going the extra mile, just to make another smile.
And I wish my gift possessed more worth.
Than a stranger’s opinion who has no place on this earth.

But writing this poem was the least I could do,
For meeting someone as special and unique as you.

– A young person who visited the Drop-In Center wrote this and kept it in his pocket, waiting for the right time to give it to someone. He chose to give it to HOPE 4 Youth on his first visit because we took the time to show him we cared.

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