Sienna’s Story: Outreach Reaches Youth

Every Wednesday, Eddie, one of our youth coordinators does outreach work in our community to meet youth experiencing homelessness where they are at to provide them with basic resources, as well as tell them about our Drop-In Center.

Recently, a young lady came into the Drop-In Center in need of help. “I lost my apartment because it became too expensive,” Sienna told Eddie. Eddie asked Sienna, “How did you find out about HOPE 4 Youth?” Sienna responded, “Last Winter I was working at a gas station in Columbia Heights when a man came in to speak with a young man about shelter. I was a cashier and before the man left he gave me a stack of cards. He told me that if any youth needs emergency resources to give them a card.”

Sienna pulled the card from her pocket. “I had kept one for myself just in case,” she said. Eddie responded, “That guy was me, and I’m glad you’re here.” It’s stories like this that remind us that we are reaching youth in our community who need us!

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