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Sienna’s Story: Outreach Reaches Youth

Every Wednesday, Eddie, one of our youth coordinators does outreach work in our community to meet youth experiencing homelessness where they are at to provide them with basic resources, as well as tell them about our Drop-In Center. Recently, a young lady came into the Drop-In Center in need of help. “I lost my apartment […]

HOPE Homes: Paula’s Story

Paula was in a bind. She’d been staying with her Grandma’s neighbors in an overcrowded apartment. They’d set a deadline: Paula had to be out in a week. Paula, a 20-year-old high school graduate with a job nearby at a fast food restaurant, called HOPE 4 Youth Drop-In Center. The next day, HOPE Homes Specialist […]

Kayla’s Story

My journey with HOPE 4 Youth started 3 years ago when I was 18. My childhood home was foreclosed on and I had nowhere to turn. I was scared. I never thought I would be left without a place to stay. I was struggling with addiction and my mental health. I didn’t have consistent work […]

hope’s closet: Meet Johona

When you shop hope’s closet, it never looks the same as it did during your last visit. The one thing that does remain the same is the trendy and chic feel of the boutique. This is because of a fabulous volunteer, Johona, who just happens to be an interior designer by day and hope’s closet […]

You’re invited to an evening in the land of Oz!

“There’s no place like home …” is a phrase many of us take for granted. However, “home” takes on different forms for young people experiencing homelessness; they may be sleeping on a friend’s couch, in their cars or on the streets. The Gala 4 HOPE raises funds for HOPE 4 Youth to provide pathways to […]

HOPE 4 Youth Leadership Transition

On behalf of the HOPE 4 Youth Board of Directors, I want to make you aware that President and CEO Lisa Jacobson is no longer with the organization. The Board is grateful for the accomplishments Lisa made during her tenure with us. Lisa is a great advocate for HOPE 4 Youth and genuinely believed in […]

Taylor’s Story: Couch Hopping to Housed

Finding housing for young people experiencing homelessness is not always easy. There are many steps they must take to become “housing ready”. Take for example Taylor’s story.Taylor walked through our Drop-In Center doors for the first time during the winter of 2015 at the age of 17. She had been couch hopping for some time […]

Megan’s Story: Drop-In Center Help

Megan came into the Drop in Center a little over a year ago needing help as she was sleeping outside and had nowhere else to turn. Since then,Megan has taken steps forwards, as well as backwards, since walking through our doors, but has continued to work with Case Managers to move forward. A few months […]

Mikayla’s Story: A Home to Move Forward

Mikayla never really had a place to call home until HOPE Place. Before moving in, she had been in the foster care system, moving from home to home and never finding that one she could call home. In November of this past year, having found her home, Mikayla was able to find her pathway forward. […]