HOPE Highlights: A fresh start and a new phone

HOPE means something different to each young person who comes to us for support. Here are a few examples that made us smile last week:

A fresh start new HOPE Place resident

This week a new resident moved into HOPE Place, our 12-unit transitional housing facility! He has been experiencing long-term homelessness but has been working full-time in the retail industry throughout this time. Recently, he saved up to purchase a vehicle to make it easier to get to and from work, which is only about 5 miles away from HOPE Place.

His aspirations include completing trade school and connecting with CareerForce for more resources. He’s excited to live at HOPE Place and see how far he can go with stable, supportive housing.

Simple things like a phone 

One of our youth came into the Drop-In Center looking for connections or a program to assist him in getting a cell phone. Thankfully, we had some Tracphones available to give him. When our staff walked out with the phone, he was so excited.  The young man said, “Are you serious? Oh my gosh you are going to make me cry! I came in looking for assistance with a phone and you guys are just able to give me one!”

He called the staff later Monday night just thank them again and was so grateful. He stated, “I just called to say thank you again for the phone. I am so grateful that now I can call people and do things. I was looking into phones and even a cheap one would have been around $100-$200.

Simple things like a phone, that a lot of people take for granted are actually really hard to get for some of us. This is such a great thing you have provided me, along with providing food and clothing. Thank you.”

Want to give the gift of HOPE to youth experiencing homelessness?  Make a donation or sign up to volunteer!

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